Democratizing Corporate Banking Services For Financial Institutions and Corporate Borrowers

At Ebitaus, we are passionate about simplifying corporate banking. 

We are enabling multiple lenders and borrowers to securely connect through our developer-friendly platform by responsibly supporting commercial lenders, corporate borrowers, and all other stakeholders involved. 

We are serving as a trusted enabler to all our clients by offering tailored, results-oriented solutions that meet their specific needs.

Innovative Corporate Banking  Solutions

Innovation at Ebitaus ensures that our people, platform and processes evolve to meet the expectations of our customers. 

Embracing the exciting potential of new technologies, we are disrupting the manual processes to unlock huge efficiencies in the corporate banking  system, increasing options, transparency, and reliability and reducing credit risks..

We are successfully pioneering it through secure technology, services and standards.

Empowering Financial Institutions and Corporate

As a neutral partner, we believe we can achieve more together by empowering all parties involved in corporate banking.

We bring all stakeholders on the same platform, interact , and streamline processes securely and reliably to contribute significantly to the commercial success of all our customers through greater automation of end-to-end corporate banking . 

We are successfully pioneering it with our strong yet growing network of banks and corporates.

Venkatesh Kap

Founder & CEO, Ebitaus

The financial world is at the cutting edge of high technology

Meticulously designed, Ebitaus is created to facilitate and enhance the commercial lending eco-system for emerging, mid-size and large corporates. 

The need to address strategic constraints in the Commercial Banking Industry, it is by leveraging state-of-the-technologies, drawing upon valuable insights from firsthand experience in the commercial banking sector and a passion to simplify corporate banking  that Ebitaus empowers both financial institutions and corporates. 

Ebitaus provides a comprehensive toolkit for Financial Institutions that includes a collaborative lenders network, an advanced relationship management platform, and a means to deliver an exceptional experience to both, existing and prospective borrowers.

For Corporate Borrowers, Ebitaus offers an efficient solution for managing relationships with lenders- sole, multiple, or consortium, as well as various governmental bodies and affiliated entities.

Ebitaus seeks to elevate the relationship banking experience for all stakeholders involved. The flexible approach enables commercial lenders and corporate borrowers to seamlessly enhance their interactions while fostering mutually beneficial relationships to maximize their collective potential.

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